Objective 2:  

Increase knowledge of the IT Consulting environment; what different products and services IT people sell.


1.  Research the top companies within the IT consulting field to see what services they offer and what they bid their services at.

2.  Testing of the applications to make sure the products my company is selling are in proper working condition to compete in the market.

3.  Meetings with potential/interested buyers to see what they are looking for in our products and to see if our product satisfies their needs.


1.  Projects done on research of the IT consulting environment.

2.  Reflective commentary of what I have learned about myself in this process.

Research Project

In this research project I did at Delta Development I was tasked to find out what IT consulting companies where bidding their projects at.  I went to several state databases of contracts that were being offered.  I took the contract number, the agency that was offering the contract, and wrote a brief description of the project that was being offered.  From here I proceeded to find out what the bidders were offering.  I took note on who the company was, how much they projected the total cost of the project would be, and also found what their hourly rates were.  This project gave me a very good insight of what types of IT projects the state government of Pennsylvania was outsourcing.  It also gave me a good understanding of what services other companies were offering in the IT field.

Reflective Commentary

            In my second learning objective I set out to increase my knowledge of the IT consulting environment, and find out what different products and services IT professionals sell.  While accomplishing this objective I learned that IT consultants sell a wide variety of products and services to companies and individuals.  What they really do is find a customer with a problem and, adjust to that problem.  From there they make a product they can sell to their customer, one that satisfies the customer’s needs, and maybe that product can be used to satisfy other future customers and clients.  From there they can try to keep the customer a lifetime customer by providing support and upgrades to the product they have created.  IT consultants do a lot more than just create products though.  They also teach the customers how to use the product by training them, and usually implement the product the way the customer wants. 

            Through accomplishing this objective I have learned a great deal about what the IT field consists of.  My internship company, Delta Development Group, specializes in disaster planning, which is just one section in the huge field of information technology.  I learned that when it comes to providing services in disaster planning, there are a good number of services that can be provided.  One service that I worked quite a lot with was a patient tracking application.  This service followed patients during a disaster, starting at triage, and following the patient until they are released from the hospital if they required medical attention.  Another service Delta Development Group provides was a Special Needs Registry.  This service is used when a disaster like a hurricane is going to occur and evacuations are in effect.  Those in charge of the evacuation can use this application to find people that need assistance being evacuated.  I found I like the services that Delta Development Group provides because they are making a real impact for the better in people's lives, even saving them.  This internship has given me a lot of knowledge about the IT field, as well as what is specifically associated with disaster planning services.

            Learning what Delta Development does has gone a long way for me in terms of how I want to use my skills and services.  Do I want to work for a company that creates products that can improve and save lives, or do I not care who I work for and just want money?  Before this internship I never thought of that question, now I know that I want to work for a company that is concerned with its public and consumer, and wants to make a real difference in their lives.  This has altered my belief of how to use my time effectively in what I do.  I want to make an impression on life, not just go through it making money to please myself.  If I am ever in the position to be able to chose where I want to work I will definitely think of this internship and where my values and beliefs lie.  In my objective I set out to find out what the IT field consists of, and what products and services are to be found.  This has lead me to question how I am going to utilize my skills to serve?  I am looking forward to finding out what else the IT field offers.  I need to continue to increase my knowledge of the information technology of the products and services being sold to find where I want to try to fit in, and leave my mark.

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