Learning Objective 1:  

To increase self-awareness and improve communication skills while interacting with co-workers and sharing ideas.


1.  Seek professional mentor- such as my supervisor, who can clue me in to the employee culture and how things are communicated at Delta Development, as well as in the professional business world at large.

2.  Informational Interviews with co-workers in my IT department, five colleagues, to learn more about the employee culture at Delta Development, as well as how communication should work in a professional atmosphere.

3.  Listen and take notes during team meetings to see how the speaker handles talking to a group and presenting ideas.


1.  After speaking during a meeting I will ask my peers in casual conversation what they thought of my interaction during the meeting, and how I could better communicate my thoughts during a professional meeting.

2.  Reflective commentary on my observations and experiences.

Reflective Commentary

            The first learning objective I set out to accomplish was to increase my self-awareness and improve my communication skills while interacting with co-workers and sharing ideas.  The first day I met my co-workers I got along with them, however I did not know the appropriate way to address them, speak with them, or email them.  So, I set out to find out how to properly communicate with my co-workers.  The first thing I did on my second day of work helped me a lot; I went to the administrative assistant of the IT department and asked her to help me understand how I should email everyone in the office, and also how should I address everyone.  She explained a little about the employee atmosphere, that the office has a very friendly policy; you can address everyone by their first name and in-office emails can be very informal.  However, out of office emails need to be formal and addressed appropriately.  Since I learned how to address my co-workers and how to write proper emails, I then had to find a way to communicate effectively with my co-workers.  I found that this takes time as every co-worker is different to get to know.  The IT group I worked with took me out to lunch a couple of times; this gave me the opportunity to see them in a more relaxed environment and allowed us to talk casually about more topics aside from work.  Eventually I started to feel more comfortable in the work environment and around people, this made it easier for me to work and accomplish tasks.  I found when I did not know what to do on a task, it was easier to ask what to do then to just keep attempting and doing it wrong. 

            With this internship I have learned a great deal about how to communicate more effectively with my co-workers.  This was my first job in an actual office environment; my previous job was working construction, so I was not accustomed to the atmosphere at first.  I came to find that I like the office environment much more than the construction environment.  I have also learned the value of having good co-workers and working on fostering good relationships with each of them.  It goes a long way in helping you feel comfortable, and be more productive.

            I have gained skills when it comes to addressing people and emailing properly in the work environment.  I know that every work environment has their own etiquette, but it helps learning the types of etiquette there are.  The place I worked at had a casual environment.  This casual environment consists of calling people by their first name, most of the managers and supervisors have an open door policy where you can walk in anytime you want to, and on Fridays casual wear was acceptable.  This internship has taught me the value of getting to know your co-workers to the point where you can work effectively with them and have a good time as well, leading to a happier and more productive work environment.  

            The skills and knowledge I have learned at this internship will, and have had, great implications on me.  First off, I have learned to communicate in a good manner with my fellow co-workers.  Secondly, I now know what an office environment is like, and discovered that I like it very much.  I also will feel more comfortable starting a different job now that I have had experience in the field I want to work in.  Continuing to learn ways to communicate well with my co-workers will come with experience.  The way I can achieve the most experience before I graduate college would be to continue to purse internships and increase knowledge in my field.  When I start a new internship or job I will remember how valuable it is in the work place to establish a good relationship with my co-workers.  Also, I will remember that it is better to ask how to do something than to do it completely wrong. 

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